President’s Letter

President’s Letter – August 2013

President’s Letter – August 2013

August brings us closer to Fall and beyond. I think of all of the summer traditions we have here in Minnesota and how there is never enough time to fit them all in! We can only keep trying, right?

As we wrapped up our all day retreat for the ISES Board of Directors recently, I have a similar feeling. So many ideas and only one year to fit them in! I am so grateful and excited to be working with such a dynamic team this year. This is a group of volunteers who care enough about our industry to give their time and talents to better our chapter. I hope I say THANK YOU to them often enough.

Several Board members will be leaving for ISES Live in Nassau, Bahamas at the end of August. I know of nine ISES-Minneapolis/St. Paul members who will be attending so we will be well represented and I can assure you the energy we bring back will be shared with the chapter in many ways. The difference between this conference and all others I have attended is that rather than be shown or told what is being done in events, we will be hearing from creative thinkers in many industries. If clients are looking to us to provide the guest experience for their attendees and deliver their message in a memorable and effective way, then as we learn to be more creative in our thinking we will deliver better events.

September will be our Fall kickoff month. Look for information soon. One message I will repeat often this year is Get Involved”. First, look for a short survey coming out this month that will be your chance to let us know what you want from your ISES membership. This fall we will also be offering opportunities to participate in committees. Whether you have interests in communications, membership, or programs, including the Star Awards, we welcome your involvement whatever your time commitment allows. You never know the doors that your ISES friendships can open for you. Get involved and find out.

I hope you enjoy the rest of summer and fit it all in!





Jean Peine

President – ISES-Minneapolis/St. Paul